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Kera Technologies Inc - â€‹ Manufacturer of digital thermostats, timers and LED clocks

   KERA Technologies Inc. designs and  manufactures wide variety of Temperature and Time Control products.
   We specialize in electronic, digital products with LED display for control and monitoring of real time and temperature.
   Our programmable temperature control products are Digital Thermostats and Digital Thermometers. A special model, the Programmable Thermostat with Timer in one unit, is used in applications like Sauna Control Panels, Sauna Timers, Hot Tub Control, Spa Thermostat, Steam Bath Control, as well as other process Heating or Cooling control installations. Other applications include Programmable Water Tank Thermostats and HVAC Thermostats for Gas or Electric Water Heating and Space Heating control.
   Another special type of Energy Saving Temperature Difference Controllers, called Differential Thermostats, are used in Solar Water and Air Heating systems. These highly programmable devices can also control ventilation and humidity in attics, wine cellars, greenhouses, vegetable storage, or to prevent rust and corrosion in metal storage warehouses, as well as to control the humidity condensation in switchgear installations, computer rooms and power distribution centers.
   KERA Technologies also designs and manufactures digital LED clocks and timers with multiple communication configurations. These clocks can be used as stand alone, as well as in the Master Slave Clock networks and Multi-zone Clock display panels.
   Our indoor and outdoor LED Clocks are used in Hospitals, Schools, Airports, Sport Events, Offices, Industrial plants and by Military. Our special line of water-proof clocks is designed for use in marine installations on ships, boats and submarines. The LED digital clocks include many internal options that can be utilized in special applications like: Digital Stopwatch, Count Up or Down Timer, Cycling timer, Up and Down event Counter for sports and events timing. 
 We manufacture special class of LED clocks for vehicles like Hospital Ambulance, Fire Fighter Trucks, Command and Control, and other emergency vehicles.
 Our LED clocks can be also used as Multi Event Programmable Thermostats for Heating and HVAC - Air Conditioning  applications.

 We can customize existing products to specific requirements from our clients, as well as design and manufacture new products for dedicated applications per customers specifications. Small and Large Volume orders are accepted.
OEM designs are often feasible at a very low cost of development.

Automated Electronic Assembly

Automated assembly robots for through hole and surface mount components assure fast turn around times and high quality .
All machines utilize most modern technologies available in the industry and are working under the supervision of highly skilled operators.
All subassemblies are tested at each stage of manufacturing.

For all custom design and manufac​turing projects please contact our sales department
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